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Lighten the burden of your commute.

We know your commute to work can sometimes be a drag. On the bright side, you can set aside pre-tax money to pay for mass transit or parking expenses. That includes bus, vanpool, subway, ferry, train, and parking at or near work. Every little bit of savings helps, so make sure you take advantage of this program if you qualify.

Visit BenefitSolver to enroll. You can enroll, update your contributions, or cancel your enrollment every month as your needs change.

2022 Maximum Contribution Limits

  • Transit: $280/mo.
  • Parking: $280/mo.


The McGriff Benefit Access commuter card works with nearly 250 transit agencies across the United States. Before enrolling in the Transit Commuter Plan, be sure to check to see that the card will work at your local agency.

Mass Transit Expenses must be paid with your commuter card. You may NOT pay out-of-pocket and be reimbursed.

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