Cigna Medical Benefits Abroad

Cigna Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA) provides coverage for accidents and illness that occur during travel outside an employee’s country of residence up to a maximum benefit of USD $250,000. If you require emergency evacuation due to injury or illness, the plan will pay evacuation expenses, as coordinated by International SOS. For urgent or emergency care, call Intl SOS to find a Cigna provider. If you do not contact ISOS prior to accessing emergency care, you will self-pay and submit claims for reimbursement.

International SOS: 215.942.8226 or 480.333.3595

Cigna MBA Policy Number: 05829C

Cigna Customer Service 1.800.243.1348

To submit a claim without International SOS, request reimbursement from the Cigna MBA policy: Go to>Select International Travelers “Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA) Plan”

User ID: 05829CMBA Password: Cigna1

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Click on the “Submit a New Claim” (blue button)

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