Kaiser Permanente Medical Plan

Kaiser Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
– California employees only

Choosing Kaiser provides opportunity to great, centralized care. All the doctors, labs, and pharmacies are right there on campus and remove the guesswork of where to go for services. Everything is co-pay driven, so there are no deductibles to satisfy. One important thing to keep in mind is that when you choose Kaiser, you cannot seek care outside of Kaiser unless it is a medical emergency and Kaiser is not the nearest facility.

2023 Kaiser Plan Benefit Summary – N. California
2023 Kaiser Plan Benefit Summary – S. California
More Plan Documents and Forms on the Resources Page

Kaiser HMO

Policy/group #, Northern CA: 603745
Policy/group #, Southern CA: 231166
Call: (800) 464-4000
Website: kp.org

Time for a flu shot!

Don’t let the flu slow you down. Getting an annual flu shot is the best way to help protect yourself and your loved ones. They’re safe, convenient, and available at many Kaiser Permanente locations at no cost.

Find a flu shot near you

Find a Kaiser provider or facility

To find Kaiser providers or facilities near you, visit healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/doctors-locations, choose your region, and follow the on-screen preference prompts.

Save time and money with virtual care included with your Kaiser HMO plan

This plan includes telehealth, which means you can connect with your Kaiser Permanente care team by phone, e-mail or video whenever coming to a facility just won’t do.

  • What does it cost? $0 – there is no copay for virtual visits.
  • What can be treated: You can get care without leaving home for minor health issues such as allergies, cold and flu, and common infections.

Learn about Virtual Care from Kaiser

Kaiser programs to support your wellbeing

Kaiser offers a variety of programs to help you through life. Best of all, they are available to Kaiser members at no cost!

Tobacco cessation resources

If you’ve thought about quitting tobacco, Kaiser offers resources that can get you over the hump and accomplish your goal. Educating yourself on the benefits of quitting, creating a personal quit plan, and learning how to cope with urges are a just few of things Kaiser can help you with.

Learn more

Wellness coaching

Get one-on-one guidance from a personal wellness coach to make your health goals a reality. Kaiser’s wellness coaches are health educators with expertise in behavior change and preventive care, who will help you create a customized action plan to get there.

Learn more

Wellness apps

Kaiser offers two helpful wellness apps to members at no cost. The myStrength mobile app provides self-care tools right at your fingertips, and you can create a personalized program to help depression, stress, anxiety and more. Calm uses meditation and mindfulness practices that can help lower stress, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality.

Learn more

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