Mental Wellbeing

We all need someone to talk to sometimes.

Your health plan might have its own mental health benefits, but we know it doesn’t hurt to have more support. All ServiceNow employees and their benefit-eligible dependents (e.g. spouse, domestic partner, children) have access to Lyra Health’s mental health and work/life resources at no cost. Lyra brings you convenient access to psychiatrists, therapists, and other experts for immediate support – whether you’re dealing with day-to-day stress or more serious depression. Book appointments online for therapeutic sessions in person or by video.

Lyra has added personalized care navigation for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Finding and managing care for complex needs can be extremely challenging for caregivers and families. As part of its Advanced Care Coordination solutions, Lyra offers 1:1 support to help parents and caregivers connect with providers specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

But that’s not all – Lyra can also help you with financial, legal, and dependent care issues. Read more about those benefits in the work/life resources section.

We know you’ll love the care team at Lyra. So go talk to someone today and start feeling your best – no matter how long your journey takes.

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