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Discover true menopause relief with Midi

ServiceNow has partnered with Midi Health to support team members in perimenopause and menopause. If you are a UHC member, you or your spouse/dependent can connect with Midi’s specialists virtually. Because after 40, your body changes, and your care should too.

Hormonal changes in midlife may cause hot flashes, poor sleep, mood swings, weight gain, brain fog, and more. Midi can help with all of it.

Midi offers:

  • Convenient telehealth video visits. Midi is completely virtual, so you can book a visit with a Midi clinician for a time that works best for you.
  • Evidence-based solutions for your symptoms, including FDA-approved hormonal and non-hormonal prescriptions, supplements, and lifestyle coaching.
  • Empathetic care. Midi clinicians take the time to discuss your symptoms and health history, and will never be dismissive or tell you to “just deal with it.”
  • Easy visit booking, 24/7 messaging, and all the follow-ups you need to feel better.

Start your Midi journey
Go to joinmidi.com/servicenow to schedule your first Midi visit.

Have questions? Get in touch with Midi.

Email: care@joinmidi.com

Call: 1-888-731-8994

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