Comprehensive family-building & parenting

ServiceNow is excited to partner with Cleo to support our working parents and caregivers from family-building through raising children up to age 12.

Cleo is available through an easy-to-access app. Once enrolled, parents are paired with a 1:1 dedicated Family Guide (a real person) to get help with everything from family planning to the transition to parenthood, navigating sleep, feeding, emotional wellness, childhood development, and more.

Through Cleo, you get unlimited access to a network of clinicians, experts, and specialists, including birth and postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, sleep coaches, childcare psychologists, childhood development experts, and more at no cost to you.

This program membership is available for all employees, regardless of location. After enrolling, you can also invite your partner to get answers to your questions as a family.


Visit Cleo

Getting started is easy!

Simply click here or visit the app store and search “Cleo for families.” Use your work email to activate your account.

Access your membership by enrolling with your ServiceNow email address. To register, visit Cleo.

For help registering: Contact Cleo support team at

Comprehensive support at every stage

Family planning

Are you growing your family? Cleo provides planning and mental wellness support based on your unique needs and goals including adoption & surrogacy guidance, family planning, and access to virtual community groups.

From expecting to baby’s 1st birthday

Once conceived, Cleo provides pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum guidance including the Best Birth initiative helping you plan for a successful birth, virtual birth prep and infant CPR classes, newborn and infant parenting support, virtual lactation consultation, sleep coaching/training, and career resources for working parents.

Parents with kids ages 1 through 12

As you raise your children, Cleo offers help balancing work and life, personalized guidance for age-appropriate activities, potty training and other developmental milestones, career resources, childcare navigation, discipline and behavior guidance, and support for family dynamics and co-parenting.

Features of the Cleo program

Cleo is inclusive of all paths to parenthood, including adoption, surrogacy, same-sex, and solo parents. You also have the ability to invite a partner to access the app as well to best support your family.

  • A dedicated guide to message, call, and video chat with
  • Online workshops and live Q&A sessions with experts and specialists
  • Library of evidence-based research, articles, and parenting tips
  • Access to a network of clinicians, experts, and specialists there to provide you with individual support


You can learn more about Cleo by watching the Welcome to Cleo video and reviewing support materials such as the Cleo Quick Start Guide and Cleo Across the Globe. You can also access FAQs for each of the programs including Cleo Considering, Cleo Baby, and Cleo Kids.

Watch the Welcome to Cleo Video
Check Out the Cleo Quick Start Guide
Cleo Across the Globe
Cleo Considering FAQs
Cleo Baby & Kids FAQs
Cleo Baby FAQ

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